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We had hoped to welcome you all to this new ultra run. Unfortunately we are forced to cancel this event. We do not choose to organize this event later this year, but to postpone it to 2022.


What happens to my registration:

Your registration remains valid for the 2022 edition. You do not need to do anything else.

In your Larssie account (as soon as the new date is known) the date will also change to 2022.


I want to cancel my registration:

We would reimburse 75% of the registration fee. Because we have been able to keep the costs down, we can reimburse you 100% of the registration fee.


How do I cancel:

There are 2 options:


- Entry fee received back in Larssie Credits

These credits are valid for one year and can be used on all events on Larssie.

- Registration fee refunded to your bank account


From February 15, 2021 you can make this choice via your Larssie account!


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